The Dealer’s Role in Marketplaces

The Dealer’s Role in Marketplaces

Many companies in the United States elect other companies to take care of their e-commerce, or they feed offers on Amazon in the United States, when they do not create their own department for this function.

These companies, in turn, function as the brand’s new wholesalers, which, instead of focusing on B2B sales on demand, focus on distribution to consumers through the brand’s sales website and Amazon sales.

They are focused on performance and ranking of products advertised on marketplaces, playing a digital and logistical role.

When it comes to AliEpress, we have the same behavior. Sellers have this digital function and are always open to new international markets, to increase their sales and, as a consequence, better purchase prices.

The outsourced seller is the new wholesaler of the digital world, and the figure of the old wholesaler is dissolving as distribution models migrate to the digital process.

If the company or brand assumes this role in its sales department, it creates a hybrid model, manufacturer/ wholesaler, so that it ends up being able to sell unitarily to consumers.

Today, marketplaces have the option of discount offers for purchasing in quantities, demonstrating their intention to take up the B2B sales model.

The old model (Manufacturer -> Wholesaler -> Retailer -> Consumer) is giving way to the model (Manufacturer -> Marketplace or brand store -> Consumer), if the discount offer for bulk purchase makes sense.

If we go back in time, I remember that manufacturers and brands had the same fear of channel conflict in the B2C model, and where did this fear go? It disappeared with the change in the distribution model.

B2B Marketplaces are already a reality. According to James Smith of, the top ten and biggest ones are the following:

1. eWorldTrade:

In the list of growing B2B marketplaces is eWorldTrade. It is among the top recommended platforms that are working exceptionally. They have catered to above 500,000 registered users. This platform is specifically designed to cater to customers with fast, reliable, and easy trade transactions.
It is one of the most transparent platforms, having millions of buyers, sellers, and wholesalers under one roof. eWorldTrade has the mission to make B2B business fast and hassles-free by overcoming all the challenges. They promise to deliver businesses with high-scale profits and visibility. They are striving to bring out the best trading solutions.

2. Amazon Business:

Amazon Business operates in more the 14 countries and has a great workforce that works impressively. One of their key identifications is their exclusive discounts and quantity discounts. You can also use their different shipment offers such as business prime, free shipment (on orders of above $25), and Amazon Fulfillment.

They have allowed multiple payment systems to ease the shopping process and exempt tax. They allow their clients to find brands through sponsored ads. Amazon Business has partnered with Delivery Service Partner (DSP), providing vans to SME businesses.

For the high-load businesses, distributing their product content to Amazon might be problematic. Here’s where the Gepard to Amazon smooth integration helps. Amazon Selling API connection is open to anyone and empowers businesses with pricing and inventory control, various fulfillment options, and more business insights.

3. Global Sources:

Catering for more than 50 years, Global Sources is one of the internationally recognized B2B platforms. They tailor with the best B2B solutions and connect with authentic buyers and sellers. On their platform, you have easy access to products through their Find Supplier Online.

In the year 2019, they launched Global Sources Electronics Indonesia, to enhance the connection in the Asian market. From analysts’ choices to ready-to-order, Global Sources have everything. Users can also go for Recommended Suppliers, where there are verified suppliers.

4. DH Gate:

On the DH Gate platform, you can easily find Chinese goods. The goods range from electronics, ornaments, clothes, and other wholesale consumer products. They enable businesses to come and join them to have a hassle-free business experience.

Catering up to 2.2 million sellers, you can find the easiest solution for your business under one roof. They are efficient in providing secure payment, escrow protection services, and logistic solutions.


On HKTDC, you can search for high-quality products in smaller quantities. You can also compare prices and the minimum purchasing quantity to have direct and rapid communication with the supplier. This feature of HKTDC is called miniature Command Zone Small Command Zone.

On the website, you will be able to find all categories of products integrated at the top of their homepage. They maintain respect, trust, and openness with their clients. For a smooth business process, the platform helps in organizing face-to-face business meetings.

The trend is that the entire B2C digitization process that we have seen in the last two decades is transferred to B2B.

These marketplaces have already realized that exporting, in the cross-border model. It is the natural path to growth, as it is much easier to grow with differentiated products for a needy market than to compete in the same market with the manufacturer itself, or with B2B Sellers.