For Your Brand or Product Only

For Your Brand Only
For Your Brand Only

There is a difference between the manufacturer or brand directly participating in a cross-border operation, then allowing the outsourcing of this process through international marketplaces.

It is not just a matter of price, or discount that could be marked, but the service that is behind each purchase by a consumer, the guarantees offered, the technical assistance that must be in accordance with the Laws where the sale is processed.

Selling is just the first step in a market, if subsequent steps of the after sale are not validated, the brand will be hurt and depending on the amount sold, the process can be irreversible.

When the brand or manufacturer elects an interlocutor for the cross-border process, coordinating sales processes, digital marketing and branding, success is inevitable.

For this reason, this new export strategy must be taken seriously, just like e-commerce, which was not part of the life of companies before, like social networks and Google, which are now the object of study and vehicles of strategies.