The difference between an Importer and Your Brand in Digitally Brazil

The Difference Between an Importer and your Brand in Brazil

As the number of brands that offer the same products on the same marketplaces grows, consumer loyalty to one specific brand decreases.

We live in an era of abundance. Go back in time, 20, 30 years and realize how many brands and models of coffeemakers there were and today how many there are now, how many new functions and features were added with the help of processors, led panels, bluetooth, wifi, evolution has no limits.

Being digitally present with your brand and products, with a complete customer service, is a decisionmaking factor for the purchase. At this moment, the importer company figure is practically outdated, and a new player is born, the company that “makes the product arrive” directly in the consumer’s hands.

This new player will connect your brand/product to all Brazilian marketplaces, and create the local ecommerce version with full service to all buyers, either companies or individuals.

Any new product launch or spare part will be a few days away, products that have recurring payments, as they also offer services, there will be the Brazilian version not only of payment methods, but also of consumer interfaces.

The idea of putting products in containers, and only reselling them in Brazil is outdated, the digital presence, the pre and post sales service, the possibility of acquiring the entire line of products and services that give the brand identity is the new form of distribution, this process gives the possibility of brands that have never had the chance to be marketed in Brazil, to be present in this country without ever having left their country of origin – a unique opportunity.