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The difference between an Importer and Your Brand in Digitally Brazil

The Difference Between an Importer and your Brand in Brazil

As the number of brands that offer the same products on the same marketplaces grows, consumer loyalty to one specific brand decreases. We live in an era of abundance. Go back in time, 20, 30 years and realize how many brands and models of coffeemakers there were and today how many there are now, how[leia mais…]

The Dealer’s Role in Marketplaces

The Dealer’s Role in Marketplaces

Many companies in the United States elect other companies to take care of their e-commerce, or they feed offers on Amazon in the United States, when they do not create their own department for this function. These companies, in turn, function as the brand’s new wholesalers, which, instead of focusing on B2B sales on demand,[leia mais…]

For Your Brand or Product Only

For Your Brand Only

There is a difference between the manufacturer or brand directly participating in a cross-border operation, then allowing the outsourcing of this process through international marketplaces. It is not just a matter of price, or discount that could be marked, but the service that is behind each purchase by a consumer, the guarantees offered, the technical[leia mais…]

Cross-Border Strategy Models

Pure and Mixed Cross-Border

Pure Cross Border: This model is the starting point for all brands that want to participate in the Brazilian market, without any local experience. Basically, as orders arrive on the e-commerce platform in Brazil, they are passed on to the Manufacturer or distributor individually, or in batches, to a warehouse responsible for the individual preparation[leia mais…]

How to Choose the Right Cross-Border Partner for Your Business

How to Choose the Right Cross-Border Partner

The most important thing in choosing your cross-border partner is the validation of compliance, questioning the methodology of the direct import process in relation to customs taxes. There is no magic method, shortcut or move to avoid paying taxes in this process in Brazil. The import tax of 60%, as well as State Tax, called[leia mais…]

Brazil Border LLC

In 2016 we founded BRAZIL BORDER LLC in Florida, US, to become an exporting company in the crossborder business model, that is, exporting to Brazilian consumers, either people or companies, products manufactured or stored in the United States. With that, we facilitated the contact with international companies, in the logistic and acquisition process. Apart from[leia mais…]